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free daily goodie box Daily Goodie Box is a subscription service which sends free samples of randomly selected products at no cost to you. Even the shipping is free! Rather than asking for an exchange of money, the team at Daily Goodie Box simply wants to hear your opinion on the products provided in your box. Sounds like a great idea, right? Continue reading for an in depth analysis of Daily Goodie Box.

What’s Included

Daily Goodie Box has a large variety of free samples to send you, depending on your interests. The majority of these samples include healthier varieties of snacks, with some workout powders and general hygiene products such as lotions and sanitary wipes thrown in the mix. Not all of these products are sample sized, though. Some of the products that are sent to you are full sized products to try!

What’s Required

In order to receive your Daily Goodie Box, all you have to do is sign up to be a member and fill out a short questionnaire about your demographics and interests in order to see if you’re a good match for their sample products. The boxes will be sent to you depending on the availability of the samples that they have in stock that will match your interests.

You don’t even need to provide a payment method in order to receive a Daily Goodie Box. The box, the shipping, and all of the samples included are 100% free. All they ask in exchange in that you try and review the products that you receive.
In order to do that, you’ll just have to sign into your account (which is also free to set up) and give descriptive feedback on each product. The more feedback that you give, the more likely you are to receive another Daily Goodie Box.


The first, blatantly obvious benefit of Daily Goodie Box is that you receive an entire box of samples for free. Nobody can deny that that is a good deal. An additional benefit is that you can try all of these products before you buy any of them. If you decide that you don’t like a product, there is no harm in trying it.

You can let your voice be heard on these products so that in the future, you’re more likely to receive samples that you’re more likely to enjoy. However, if you do like a product, you can find a link on where to buy it when you review the product on the Daily Goodie Box site.

The overall conclusion is that if you like free stuff, or if you are just looking for new products to try that could help increase your health, well-being, and hygiene, Daily Goodie Box is the perfect subscription box for you to try today. However, the only drawback is that you may only receive a subscription box every few months or so, until they are able to get enough samples to send them more often.

Daily Goodie Box Reviews

This subscription box is the perfect way to give a gift to yourself, from yourself. Sign up today! Subscribe today and get your free goodie box!

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