Free Credit Card Knife

Claim Your Free Credit Card Knife Now! A credit card knife is a knife which is available in the shape of a credit card for easily carrying in a bag or purse while traveling and can be converted into a knife whenever required for cutting, making a hole or other purposes.

free credit card knife

The credit card knife can be folded into a card shape which is extremely thin, only two millimeters thick which is as thin as a conventional credit card. So this card knife can be used just like a conventional knife, however it is light weight and one tenth of the thickness of a traditional knife, so that it can be carried conveniently in a wallet or purse, taking up very less space.

credit card knife slimThe instablade credit card knife can be quickly and conveniently converted into a functional knife as it has a snap open mechanism. An experienced user can easily convert the card knife in the wallet into a sharp tool for cutting and other applications within a few seconds. It is easier to open the card knife compared to conventional fold-able pen knives available for traveling. The knife does not have any hinges which will rust when exposed to water and high humidity levels. The card knife is waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor applications, during heavy snowfall and rainfall.

A free survival skills guide from Survival Life, titled Ultimate Survival Skills, Handbook and Checklist by Joe Marshall is also is offered with every card knife in order to help the family survive any natural disaster. The eBook available in PDF format has valuable tips on how a person can protect himself, his or her family and home, in case of a disaster. The Knife can be used for a variety of applications ranging from cutting open envelopes , food containers, packaging, to outdoor applications like gardening, cutting branches, leaves, flowers, and for self defense applications.

credit card knife freeThe card knife uses a high quality surgical grade stainless steel blade, which is extremely sharp so that any hard object can be cut quickly and conveniently without wasting time and effort. The stainless steel blade is very durable and does not get rusted or corroded over a period of time. The knife has a hand guard for protection on the lower half, so that the user can grip the knife properly while using it and it does not slip from hand of the user. However as the blades are made from steel, metal detectors will be triggered and it is not advisable to carry the knife when traveling by airlines, as it will not pass security check.

The design of the credit card knife is such that it has a built in sheath for safety, so that it does not cause any injuries and damage when carried in a pocket, wallet or purse. The safety sheath also ensures that the knife blade does not become blunt when not in use. The knife has a very sharp blade, so it should be handled carefully when the card is converted into a knife, kept out of the reach of children and pets. The supplier of the card knife cannot be held responsible for any damage or injuries caused by the knife, hence the knife user should take necessary precautions for safety.

free credit card knifeIt is now possible to quickly and conveniently get a free credit card knife as part of an online promotion . Family protection association and survival life are now offering a free card knife to all those who order one from their website as part of the promotional campaign for their organization. In most stores, the card knife or instablade would cost $25. However it is now available for free, by ordering online ,entering the shipping address in the form provided at the website. Please note that shipping and handling charges have to be paid by the person ordering the card knife .

Most of the customers who have ordered the free card knife are extremely happy with the quality of the product. In addition to being a useful tool which can be used for a wide range of applications at home, office, traveling and outdoors, the knife is also a novelty item, which can be used as a gift, trick item for parties and other occasions. Only one free credit card knife is available at a time, for a person in most cases, and many users are looking forward to ordering multiple card knives for their personal use or gifting to others. Only limited supplies of the card knife are available, so those interested are requested to order their free card knife at the earliest.

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