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Now, imagine yourself camped after a long day of mountain hiking. Exhausted, you sit down in front of the fire to feel the light breeze and enjoy the scenery. With hunger reaching its peak on this late hours, you take your food cans out. But, that is when disaster strikes! Only now you realize that your can opener has been bent and damaged during the long journey. No problem if EDT Mini Multi Tool is around you! For any outdoor enthusiast, this is not really a rare situation. Everything can happen out there. And for some, these occurrences are part of the charm of doing these activities. They make great stories, that is true. Yet, it is better to hear such stories from someone else than experience them yourself!

free edt mini multi toolThis is why, it is always important to have the right tools when going away from our usual urban comfort. Free Hoffman Richter 7in1 Multi Tool is definitely one of these right tools! And, in this limited-time offer, you will get yours for FREE!

Why EDT Mini Multi Tool is the perfect survival tool?

1. Functions
The most important thing in an outing is to always be prepared! Since you will be far away from any possible human contact, you will need to fend off for yourself. No matter the situation you are put into, you will have to deal with it with what you have available. Hoffman Richter’s EDT multi tool will allow you exactly this!

edt multi tool now freeThe product includes:

  • Needle nose pliers
    This tool is usually used by electricians to re-position, bend and snip wires. Really important for repairing and fixing other equipment.
  • Wire cutters
    Again another tool used generally by electricians. It allows you to cut wires of different type. Just as the above tool, it is very useful when trying to repair something.
  • A can opener
    A lot of people opt for taking can conserved food on outdoor expeditions since they can be used even after a long period of time. When considering that they also take little space thanks to their compact design, it is really not such a strange choice. And this is why a can opener is a must-have item.
  • The small knife blade and the serrated-edge knife
    If you would ask a person what would he take with him on the wilds, he would definitely say a knife. It has always been the most important item for survival. EDT Mini Multi Tool comes with two different types: the small knife blade and the serrated one. The first one is more versatile and has greater maneuverability. The later one is usually better at cutting hard materials. Both of them have a sturdy design and offer the cutting ability of a sharp professional knife.
  • The small Philips-head screwdriver
    Really important to fix different equipment that may have been damaged along the way. It may seem too much, but when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a broken radio communication device, you will pray to have one!
  • A stays-in-place clip
    There is really no need to mention this. But, since it allows you to carry the EDT mini multi tool in your key chain or hung on your belt, it is still an important feature.

2. Size
Walking through difficult forest paths, climbing, hiking, etc., can not be done while carrying heavy equipment. So, it is important to have the minimum tools necessary with you. And if they are as compact and lightweight as this EDT multi tool, that is even better. That means more space for other things in your bag. With a size similar to a normal key chain, this mini multi tool can fit anywhere. Take it with you everywhere tucked away in your bag or belt.

3. Durability
The product is made of stainless steel and has a robust construction. It will work no matter the abuse you may put it through.

free ultimate survival skills free

All the above mentioned tools will be yours absolutely free! If this was not enough, you will also get a free copy of the book “Ultimate Survival Skills“. This valuable survival guide will help you gain the knowledge and practical skills needed to face any dangerous situation. The book is written with the novice and advanced survival enthusiasts in mind. No matter your experience, you will definitely find this a worthwhile read.
Claim your EDT mini multi tool now! Keep it always in your reach! You will soon find yourself taking it wherever you go. I can not even remember all the times I was saved by it. It literally is as if you are carrying an entire tool set on your pocket. Do remember that this is a time-limited offer. So, better act before it expires!

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