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EverStryke Pro is a compact, waterproof survival lighter and fire starter designed for campers, survivalists hikers, preppers, outdoor enthusiast and pretty anyone & everyone who would like to harness Mother Nature’s survival tool – fire quickly and easily. It’s an all-new & improved version of the original Everstryke Match. The lighter has been completely redesigned and comes with new and advanced features. Get a Free EverStryke Pro Today!


EverStryke Pro Key Features
Improved Design

EverStryke Pro holds twice as much fuel as the Everstryke Match, extending the length of time it can be kept burning as well as the number of times it can be used. It also features a replaceable wick & flint, which makes it a one all-inclusive fire starting kit. The wick lasts 10X longer.

100% Waterproof

The lighter’s housing comes with an O-ring located at the base point where the cap screws down, and this helps keep the wick from getting waterlogged if it’s ever submerged. There are several videos on the web showing the lighter being submerged into a fishbowl and taken out after an hour. Then after all that, it just lights up with no problem at all. Click here to claim yours now!


This device is made to last and will survive the most harrowing situations, offering you the spark you need to get a fire going. It can withstand being dropped or bumped, which makes it perfect for emergency situations, especially where fire or light source is needed immediately.

Extremely Easy to Carry Anywhere & Everywhere

You don’t have to carry unreliable matches or a bulky lighter anymore. This simple device is ultra light, portable, small and unobtrusive in such a way that you can place it in your pocket or attach it to your backpack/ keychain, and never have to worry about starting a fire. It isn’t much bigger than a flash drive, and so it takes up almost no space.

Long Lasting

Unlike matches that are only used once or lighters that run out in no time, this magnificently simple fire starter is capable of 30, 000 long burning strikes. Since the high-quality outer construction, as well as the built-in O-ring, helps keep fuel from evaporating indefinitely, the fuel in the device lasts.

Strikes Hot & Burns Hot

The Ferro rod strikes at 3000+ degrees, and this is enough to ignite dry tinder. Moreover, the flame burns at 600+ degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it easy to ignite even damp tinder, letting you start a fire.

Easy to Use & Refill

Anyone who can strike a match will be able to start a fire using this lighter, and it won’t burn their fingertips. You simply need to open it, strike and ignite. Note that the lighter fluid isn’t included and you’ll have to add your own.

Advantages of Having an EverStryke Pro

free everstryke pro• The lighter is made of solid stainless steel, which makes it look sleek and modern.
• It will ignite almost everywhere, including in snow or rain. You don’t have to keep it dry to work.
• The integrated clip makes it easy to attach the lighter to a keychain or bag.
• If you screw the cap off, you’ll find the wick & striker wheel, leaving you a spark away from starting a fire.
• Being waterproof, it will start a fire even after it has been completely submerged in water for over 1 hour.
• Even when you’ve run out of fuel, you can still start a survival fire using the sparks from the flint and with the help of a little tinder.

How to Get a Free EverStryke Pro

Fire is one of the necessities for survival. So if you don’t always have a source of fire with you at all times you should consider getting a Free EverStryke Pro from Survival Life. Usually, the lighter costs $19, but you can get it at no cost. You’ll just have to cover a reasonable shipping & handling cost, which is so cheap. Note that this free deal is a limited time offer and won’t last forever. So don’t wait. Grab your Free EverStryke Pro right now.!

Note: The manufacturer is offering this lighter at no cost to introduce customers to the Family Protection Association (FPA). This is a large & active community of preppers and survivalists. The program comes with a tactical folding life from Hoffman-Ritcher, and members get tons of discounts to various places they shop. Also, users have access to lots of information that they can download, print-out & share.

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