Free Hybeam Flashlight – Limited Offer

The Hybeam Flashlight is issued by the Family Protection Association (FPA), which is based in Austin, Texas. The FPA is offering it for free online, though as it is a limited edition stocks are expected to run out quickly. At the last count there were only just under 600 left. Although they’re not charging for it, the FPA claims the Hybeam Flashlight is worth around $25, making it cheaper than many alternative brands.

hybeam flashlight for freeThe Hybeam Flashlight is a well-made, easy-to-use product that is extremely durable, cheap and useful for outdoor activities as well as for personal security purposes, which is presumably why the survivalist FPA created and markets it It is highly comparable to military-grade flashlights, which obviously influenced its design.

Although it is suitable for everyday use, the accompanying book explains how the Hybeam Flashlight can save people in dangerous situations, along with other basic equipment that people might have to hand. Its makers claim that the product makes your home safer, as well as being useful when outdoors.

According to FPA chair and Hybeam Flashlight inventor Dave Scoot the CREE bulb shines at over 250 lumens, making it very bright indeed, brighter than many headlamps. Some users claim the intensity is actually around 300 lumens.

It has three settings: Bright, allowing 3-4 hours of use; low, allowing 7 hours of burn; and a defensive strobe which can be used to alert others to your location in the event of an emergency, or indeed to stun a nighttime attacker. Its ease of use means that the setting can be changed in seconds by just pressing the button. The first press brings on the high intensity light, second the low and third the strobe. Users report that even the medium-intensity light setting produces excellent illumination, perfect for reading a book or doing household tasks.

hybeam led flashlight for freeIt requires just a single AA battery, though it can be run off the longer lasting 18650 lithium battery. Whether it is being used for outdoor pursuits or personal security, it will give extended periods of light.

Although not designed for underwater use, the Hybeam Flashlight is fully waterproof. This means that the flashlight is usable in practically any situations and weather conditions. It is very difficult to damage.

The aircraft aluminum body is extremely strong, though very light, and with its beveled edge the Free Hybeam Flashlight can be used as a defensive weapon or to break glass. It could be a life saver in dangerous situations. If needed as a weapon its strength and the attack bezel at the front mean it could cause significant damage to an attacker. The body is also extremely durable and it is shock resistant, but despite its strength and features the flashlight is only four inches long, meaning it is easy to store in the pocket or pack and also to hold in the hand.

Another benefit is that the product is covered by the Hybeam Ironclad Lifetime Guarantee. As it is issued by a survivalist group, the FPA, the product comes with a free book and survival course. The company making it, Survival Life, is a reputable organization and offers excellent customer service. It believes the Hybeam Flashlight would make a very good gift for family or friends.

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