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Hybeam Microlight is the world’s smallest flashlight with uncountable advantages. Get Your FREE Hybeam Micro Flashlight Now! It is an LED flashlight which is easy to carry anywhere, anytime. And it is a limited edition gadget. The powerful light of this gadget spreads over a vast area, improving your visibility in dark. This widget is a comprehensive and ingenious invention of all the time and among all the life saving tactical lights; It provides ultra bright light and it’s handy in dangerous situations.

get hybeam microlight free

hybeam microlight free

Features of Hybeam Microlight

Hybeam Microlight is the most portable flashlight with a size of about 3.5″ and it lasts up to 30,000 hours, that is a great life. It has a visibility range of about 170 feet and the best thing about this product is that it is waterproof for up to 50 feet. This product is a holy grail for all those who love traveling and love camping. It can work for up to 8 hours with a single AAA battery, yes it’s a single AAA battery. It is a military graded flashlight, made available to all the common people for their convenience. In addition, it is the most lightweight gadget you can have because it is made up of aircraft aluminum. Microlight has three settings it has the bright, low and defensive strobe. Another incredible feature of microlight is that it has strong spring steel pocket clips which makes it easier to have on hand at critical times. It also has sharp strong ends, in case you need to break a glass or something like that.

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Uses of Hybeam Microlight

It is an easy get going gadget. You can travel with this gadget anywhere without feeling overburdened. If you are on a survival tour it is the superb gadget you can carry. This gadget occupies the least space even it can be carried in your pocket so now you do not have to worry about carrying big space occupying flashlights with yourself on any tour. The features of this gadget are just speechless. The battery life of this product is remarkable and it is worth having. Hybeam can be used if you do not have candles available at home when the fuse blows up. You don’t need to worry when you travel to dark places if you have this fantastic gadget with you.

free hybeam micro flashlight

Advantages of having a Hybeam Microlight

Hybeam microlight is a powerful tool to use. Due to it’s small size, it is easy to carry. This is an invaluable gadget and a powerful life-saving utensil probably. You can carry it underwater, to the jungle or while traveling on a dark or a lonely road. You can put it on the dashboard of your car or even carry it in your pocket it’s remarkable size allows you comfort and portability of this special gadget so far. The three settings installed in this widget allows you to control the battery drainage and to prevent dangers. When it is set to bright the battery life reduces to 3-4 hours when it is set to low the battery life increases up to 8 hours with a single AAA battery and the defensive strobe allows you to stun people who sneak you in dark. Last but not the least this flashlight is made up of aircraft aluminum which contributes to its lightweight and a further increase in it’s portability. And for those who love military graded thing and gadgets, this might become one of their favorites. The tough spring steel clips are handy and are strong and enough to work in tough and dangerous situations so far.

Hybeam microlight is a life saver in many situations so it’s worth a try. Here we provide this gadget for free which is worth $14.95, Yes!!! for free!!! without any doubts. This military graded gadget on it’s website is rated as worth $14.95 but you don’t have to worry because as mentioned above we will provide this widget to you without taking any money from you (just cover shipping). Do not miss out the opportunity of having a life saver. An incredible gadget or a lifesaver whatsoever you call it so far, you can have it for free.

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