Free iTunes Gift Card

Filled with endless possibilities for both giving and receiving, iTunes Gift Card has several advantages, can be purchased in numerous locations, and make the perfect gift. An Apple iTunes card is similar to other gift cards, you can receive an iTunes gift card from your friends, family. Also you have the possibility of doing surveys for iTunes gift cards.

What types of iTunes Gift Cards Are There?
These cards come in two main forms, physical or digital. Physical cards always have the Apple logo on the front but come in different colors and styles depending on the purchase location. These cards can be obtained in numerous stores such as Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Target, Walmart, Macy’s AT&T, Costco, SAMS Club, among thousands of other stores. Starbucks has even been known to carry the cards. They are especially popular during the holidays as they are one of the top preferred gift choices for Christmas and birthdays.

Where to buy iTunes gift card?
iTunes Cards can also be purchased online to be delivered via email. When the online iTunes card is purchased, consumers can choose from either silver, blue, pink, or black card-images which will be emailed to the receiver, the email will contain the iTunes gift card code. Both online and physical options can be purchased in any amount that the consumer wishes. Generally, those from stores come in denominations of $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, $100 or a non-denominational value which the buyer can choose himself/herself.

Apple Music Gift Cards are a new card option available through the company. These cards are designed specifically for Apple Music and allow the consumer to purchase subscriptions from 3-months to 12-months.

What Are the Advantages of an iTunes Gift Card?
The advantage of this gift card is that it can be used for several different products and services. Cards can be uploaded to iTunes accounts and used for music, movies, books, TV shows, apps, games, and other services through iTunes. They can be used to purchase specific iTunes materials on the App Store, Mac App Store or iBooks.

Consumers can also use the cards to purchase Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices. These gift cards can even be used by businesses as a means of incentives to employees or as thank you cards for customers.

Why is an iTunes Gift Card the Perfect Gift Card?
This gift card is the perfect gift card because the possibilities are endless and it is easy to purchase. Having both the option to purchase both digitally and physically means that the giver has more options to send the cards, and it also makes them perfect for businesses. Since the cards can be used for such a wide variety of products and services, the receiver has several choices of where to use the card, and it can even be used as an on-going gift with subscriptions.

Best of all, once the card has been uploaded to the user’s account, Apple keeps the funds in the account completely free of charge or any hassle to the customer. Customer service is always available to help users should they experience any problems with their card or if the amount that has been uploaded is other than it should be. Easily bought and accessible, this card is the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion.

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