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Buying beauty products like makeup brushes have always been a hit and miss experience for consumers. There would always be this constant balance of cost and quality that had to be kept in mind so that that the product you buy will make you both feel and look great without costing you an arm and a leg. As part of a HUGE American Beauty Association National Promotion you can get the Mieoko Makeup Brush for FREE!

Free Mieoko Makeup BrushWith the cosmetic industry generating tens of billions of dollars, there are many businesses alike big and small trying to get their foot in the door. Due to this, everyone everywhere is going to be pitching you their product. To be frank, I’m about to be doing the same; HOWEVER, what I’m trying to sell to you is not even a sale, because you can get this product free!

The Mieoko’s flat top brush is a well-rounded makeup brush. The product is made of high-quality materials, using high density synthetic Taklon bristles for the brush. It works the way a makeup brush should work. It distributes your foundation evenly the way you want and is the perfect tool when it comes to medium to heavy coverage.

Free Mieoko BrushWhether you use standard makeup products such as liquids and minerals or powders and creams, this brush is the perfect all-around tool that is small, compact and ready for any situation. Whether you’re in the car and need to do a quick mirror fix, or even if you need that fresh touch up in the bathroom; the brush is ready to use anytime and will always deliver the way you expect it to. The high-quality soft bristles don’t irritate your skin and the brush features a solid wood handle that is double crimped with aluminum ferrule. Since I’m trying to tell you about the product you can’t help but think I’m overselling it and being incredibly biased. Well, if you don’t trust me then how about you hear the testimonies of others like you who are trying to find that balance of cost-effective beauty products.

People generally comment on how soft the bristles are and how they don’t shed and fall off when you’re reapplying your makeup. On top of that, they like to mention how there’s always a perfect mix of blends when they use Mieoko’s flat top brush. There’s even a trend in multiple reviews where people have converted from using sponges to applying makeup to now having brushes be their routine method.

Sounds like a pretty good brush right? If you’re still having trouble thinking about it, why not compare it something else. This brush rivals even with the Sigma -F80 Flat Top, which if you didn’t know, is the #1 selling brush on Amazon. If you’ve never heard of the Sigma brush, it has over two thousand reviews on Amazon and it averages almost a perfect and consistent 5-star review. What you are presented with right now is an opportunity to get a product of similar if not better quality at no costs!

mieoko brush for free

Even when compared to high-end beauty product brands, this brush costs nowhere near as much as those luxury brushes of similar quality that are five times this product is when it comes to the retail price. If you’re wondering about what the retail price is, the brush usually sells for twenty-four dollars. However, as aforementioned, you don’t have to spend a dime because you can get your hands on the Mieoko Makeup Brush for absolutely free.

This is a real promotion and it is a thing because the providers, the American Beauty Association, want to make the association known and invite people like to their beauty insiders club. As an organization that proudly knows, and wants to make known, their knowledge when it comes to beauty products, they made sure to choose the perfect item to distribute that people would love to get their hands on.

So now you know how wonderful of a product this is, and you know you don’t have to empty your wallet for it, so what are you waiting for? Supplies are limited and it’s distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. The process is simple, the benefits are limitless, and in the end the end you’re going to end up feeling great because you’re always going to be looking great.

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