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StrikePen is a self-defense tool that is designed to look and function like a pen while still being ideal for survival situations. Get Your Free Strikepen while supplies last! It is a multipurpose item that is currently being offered for Free as part of National Survival Awareness campaign by Apesurvival. The pen is so tactical that it encompasses many features and tools within its relatively small size. This tool is designed in the common way the ordinary pens are designed but there is more than meets the eye.

Giving this item a quick glance will only leave you with a false impression of a usual and common pen. These are some the things you are able to see from its outlook; its black color, a middle trunk that holds the ballpoint pen at the bottom, a steel clip that holds the Strikepen in your side pockets, a LED On/Off button, the amazing discreet design, the LED flashlight, and probably its precision milled alloy body. However, the tool has more than meets the eye as we shall see while exploring its features.

The Strikepen has the most amazing features of any defense tool of its kind.

It is made of a milled alloy – This way, the tactical pen is not only strong but also durable. If there is anything that makes this tool last for years and years, it’s the presence of the milled alloy. This alleviates any need of worries that the pen is going to break at the middle of the swiftest but deadliest mission. It won’t!

This deadly tool is a fully functional smooth pen that comes with a replacement ink. So, you don’t have to worry about ink depletion. The pen can write at any angle, thanks to its sleek design. It writes in any weather condition, making it ideal for use in extreme conditions.

The Free Strikepen has a flashlight, just in case it’s already dark and you can’t access light. To keep the flashlight working, this product has batteries that last really long.

Advantages of Having a Strikepen

With the world becoming more and more evil, so unpredictable and lack of safety, there is no option left for individual citizens that to start devising self-defense methods. These methods call for different defense tools and this tactical pen is just one of them. In terms of personal security, the situation is worsening everywhere. This free tactical pen presents an opportunity for people to defend themselves when such situations occur.

The pen is just but a weapon that ill guys will never see coming their way. It makes you have a feeling that safety is in your pockets hence displaying confidence even as you trek in an obvious risky spot.

The tactical pen is easier to carry, it is extremely light. So, you don’t have a reason to leave it behind anytime you are traveling.

This tactical pen is rust proof and stainless. Therefore, the item isn’t going to rust every time it makes contact with water.

Just as an obvious reason to why you should have the Free Strikepen, it is a multipurpose tool offering you defense, writing, and light.

How to Handle Yourself and the Tactical Pen

Acquiring the pen alone is not a guarantee that you will be able to use it effectively should any awful situation occur. That is why any person possessing the pen should be able to familiarize themselves with any proactive or reactive situations. When attacking, it’s good to ensure that you got enough space. When you finally harm the attacker, escape.

Get this Tactical Pen for Free.

Apesurvival is giving out free Strikepens. The offer is part of their campaign to sensitize the American families on different survival tactics in disaster or terrorist situations. The pen is worth $54.95 but courtesy of Apesurvisval, you can get it for free while the stock lasts.

In addition to the tactical pen, Apesurvival is also giving out 3 top selling self-defense guides, all for free in order to familiarize new users with the self-defense techniques.

If you want a Free Strikepen Black™ you’ve got to jump on this offer fast and get one right now!

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