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If you have ever tried to make money online, I am sure you have definitely considered online paid surveys. After all, getting some extra cash by simply answering questions is definitely attractive. But, as someone who has tried them himself, I can say that most of these sites are not trustworthy or just not worth your time. Do not let this discourage you however! Though not many in number, there are some really serious paid-survey sites on the net. Marketagent is one of them!

To tell you the truth, even though I am familiar with a lot of make money online websites, I had never heard of Marketagent! I came upon it thanks to a friend. And since then, I am thankful I could find such a hidden gem. The site has been running for more than 5 years, getting more and more users each year. At the moment, Marketagent numbers 730 thousand members and more than 350 new daily users. With 1000 surveys conducted each year, you will definitely get the chance to participate even though the user pool is this big!

– How Marketagent works

The site is based on a point-rewarding system. 100 points equal 1.12 US dollars or 1 Euro. Each survey pays 20-250 points depending on the time needed to complete. Also, after finishing a survey, you are given an entry at a prize draw. Except the normal surveys, Marketagent also offers short surveys. Taking part in these simple questionnaires, gives you the possibility to enter the prize draw for some fantastic rewards (like traveling vouchers).

Registration: FREE; You will receive 150 points (1.5 €) for registration.
Participation: From 20 to 250 points/Survey
Refer a Friend Program: Yes
Minimum payout: 200 points (2€ ~ 2,4$)
Payment solutions: Paypal
Accepted Countries: Romania, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Belgium, United States of America, United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Norway, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile

The registering process is straightforward and easy. You are given a bonus of 150 points after finishing. You also can get points for referring a friend to enter the site (100 points for every new friend that registers). With the withdraw limit being as low as 200 points, by simply registering and inviting even one friend, you can already take your first withdraw. Marketagent offers two cash-out options, through PayPal or Skrill. What I really like is the fact that you also have the possibility to donate the money earned to different charity programs. Suddenly your extra time becomes a rewarding experience that might make a difference for less fortunate people.

– Why is Marketagent special

As we already mentioned, there are a lot of similar sites on the net. So, why would you choose Marketagent compared to the other options? Well, the first and most important thing is the fact that the site is legit. You would be surprised at the number of scam sites that exist on the net. Such sites far outnumber the trustworthy ones. This is why, whenever you are investing your time in such activities, be sure to carefully check what other users say. Reading the reviews of other users like you is really the fastest way to control the validity of a site. Or at the very least, try to make a fast first withdraw to see for yourself if the site pays or not. In the case of Marketagent, I can assure you it does pay. Still, do not take my words for granted and search for yourselves. You will easily find a lot of payment proofs and happy users!

Another important factor is the fact that you have different earning options. As we mentioned, you can also get a fair amount of points by referring other people to join. And the many prize pools are also quite attractive!

Surveys are usually about new products, trends and their influence in today’s society. I, for myself, find such questionnaires really interesting and almost educative. So, if you are like me, you will also have a fun time participating in Marketagent’s surveys.

The information you provide during the surveys is kept strictly confidential. Researchers are serious and must guarantee the privacy of each participant.

The user retains the right to stop taking a survey mid-way if he feels uncomfortable with sharing such information. You even have the possibility to withdraw your already submitted answers by contacting the researcher directly! Giving such control to the user is really important since the surveys might often be on delicate topics.

All these factors make Marketagent an incredible platform for making money through paid surveys. Register and start earning some extra income during your free hours in a fun and engaging way. After all, the best way to see that everything I said here is true is to try it yourself!

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